Here, you can find a few projects which we develop in our own time. Note that these are sparsely supported – my time nowdays is largely focussed on learning computers through glorious trial by fire (aka non-stop CTFs).

  • doxastica (Github): colloquially known as “cheap engine 6.5”, this is a lua interpreter which you can embed into Windows games with a somewhat sane interface for common game hacking tasks.
  • markerlight (Github): this is a pure-Python cross-platform memory scraping tool with a simple Tkinter GUI, as well as a simple command-line interface.
  • phantasm (Github): this is a win32 non-emulating instruction tracer written in C (compile with windows sdk cl.exe).
  • multitool (Github): this is a windows executable manipulation tool (wip to make it cross-platform), for doing things like pulling sections out of binaries. written in C.
  • bogomuppet (Github): this is a cool little side project we did, implementing a virtual CPU in ruby for shits and giggles. the idea was to have it run very simple executables, but progress stalled before we completed it. my first Ruby project!

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