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Technique – Dumping ELF from Format String

Last week, during the SharifCTF competition, I attempted to solve the pwn150 and pwn300 challenges, but was unable to solve them before they went offline. Upon review, these challenges were intended to be solved as blind format string “dump-and-exploit” challenges, … Continue reading

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Writeup – For2 (Google)

This weekend, I participated in the Google CTF. This CTF was a lot of fun, forcing participants to learn lots of Google-specific technologies, providing a wide range of challenging content for people. One particularly interesting challenge was For2: the challenge … Continue reading

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Writeup – sleeper_cell

During the pwn2win CTF, the “sleeper_cell” binary caught my attention, as the second challenge I tackled. The file is a Linux binary, which takes input from stdin – if you enter the correct key, it prints “OK”, otherwise, it spits … Continue reading

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