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Writeups – rev75, SimplePHP, pwn100 (Bugs Bunny CTF)

This weekend, I participated in the curiously named Bugs Bunny CTF ( Unfortunately, due to very poor record-keeping (and general incompetence in solving some more interesting challenges) on my part, I am only able to present a few limited writeups. … Continue reading

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EM Fault Injection on a Budget

Following on from my earlier successes with glitching, I have continued investigating various methods to induce faults in hardware. One less-talked-about method is EM fault injection, which relies on using a capacitor discharge to create a temporary magnetic field, which … Continue reading

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Writeup – TSULOTT (meepwn)

Over the past weekend, I spent a little time participating in the meepwn CTF. Unfortunately, during the time allocated, I was only able to solve a single challenge, and the simplest challenge at that. On the bright side, this is … Continue reading

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Reversing the Balong M3/MCU Console – The Quest for NVRam

Over the past few weeks, mortal frailty has caused me to take a break from the usual cyber excellence, in favor of rest, inducing an unfortunate gap in posting. The (very) limited time which I devoted to cyber was spent … Continue reading

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