Win32 Instruction Tracer

A while back, I built an execution tracing / instruction tracing tool for 32-bit windows. It’s a pretty simple tool – it creates whatever process you tell it to create, and attaches to it as a debugger. Then, it reads through the executable to figure out some information about the process, and then fiddles with memory protection and single step to capture each instruction executed by the target process:


By default, it traces only the instructions of the “main executable” that you pass it, but you can configure it to trace everything from the executable’s starting point, with “-a”:


(highlighted part is not from test.exe, works for any module not just windows stuff)

This little tool has mostly been sitting in my projects folder, gathering dust – but I’ve released it incase someone finds it useful. You can find it at:

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Sometimes, I write code. Occasionally, it even works.
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