vortex0 on Hard Mode

During one of our earlier escapades, we found ourselves looking at the vortex wargame from overthewire.org. We started on Level 0, which seemed easy enough: connect to a host, read 4 integers, add them together and send them back.

The logical solution would be to write a short program in the language of your choice which did the above. As it turns out, Nima’s language of choice was bash.

Behold – vortex 0, on hard mode:


(Download this solution here).

About Norman

Sometimes, I write code. Occasionally, it even works.
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1 Response to vortex0 on Hard Mode

  1. ottagono says:

    the download link does not work anymore.
    Anyway I doesn’t understand well your code. Could you explain what your code does?
    Especially the [ -t 1 ] , what is role the of { }, “SYSTEM: $0” and (cat;echo) >&2

    Thank you

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